Shopping Cart Gurus Testimonials

Ten years of doing business. Virtually no downtime. 25,000 orders without a problem. If you have an Ecommerce business or if you are thinking about getting one then, you need Korey Carter and his staff. Their software allowed me to retire and fish with the comfort in knowing I wasn’t going to have any problems. I can’t say enough good things about these guys!

I couldn’t do business without My two previous shopping cart vendors could not limit my inventory and would allow my clients to buy more products than I actually have, leaving me with the embarrassing situation of being oversold and not having what my clients paid for. lets me set my inventory and never over sells my products. I also appreciate the customer service. I always get a phone call back the same day when I need help. Thank you!

I just want to say…What a great job you guys do with your customer service and support team.You never fail to have a quick solution to any of our cart needs and your response time is always ON TIME. Thank you for all that you do and we look forward to a growing relationship.

Our school is new to online payments, credit card processing, etc. The director of admissions contacted me and stated that we were all set up for online payment processing and it was now time for me to make it happen. I had never set up online payment forms and didn’t even know how it worked. The director had explained that we had both a merchant and a gateway and I needed to contact them for any information that I needed. Well, I did, but they spoke a language I didn’t understand. After searching a few sites for online payment processing, I ran across these guys from Shopping Cart Gurus who said they could have me up and going in about 15 minutes. Well, I sceptically gave them a call. They were extremely nice and spoke a language I could actually understand. They explained to me everything I needed to know to get my site ready to process. They sent me code, they changed their side to accomodate our verbage–they were great! It’s almost like they knew there were people out here that needed some tender guidance. Well, my hat is off to these guys. I was up and running probably 30 (due only to our formatting structures that took a little more time). Thank you Shopping Cart Guru dudes. You’ve made my life much easier.

Ken Rushing, D.W.S. Webmaster Distance Learning Director The Robert E. Webber Institute for Worship Studies Orange Park, FL

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and your organization for making my transition to Shopping Cart Gurus as smooth and painless as possible. Throughout the entire process you were more than helpful, even taking your time to do all the setup on my cart for me. All I had to do was use the extremely intuitive HTML form wizard to create the code to put on my site. In addition you were a tremendous help getting my new merchant account set-up and I thank you for that as well.

I just need to say that I have found changing to Shopping Cart Gurus to be a very smooth transition handled by very knowledgeable, extremely professional people like yourself all along the way.

Thanks for a great job!


G. Mason

I have spent many hours looking for a good shopping cart for a reasonable price. After researching online for a long time I had decided to try I had no problems with working the shopping cart into my website. The shopping cart came together with no problems at all and the great customer services that I have received is the best I have every had. At first I had thought that being a Canadian and having Canadian currency shopping cart would become a problem but there was no issue to worry about. I would recommend Shopping Cart Gurus to all web masters because of the general great services and a excellent working shopping cart.

D Bedard


We’ve just renewed our agreement with you for our shopping cart services for another year and just wanted to say what a pleasure it continues to be working with your organization! This was our first experience with creating a web based business so we really were pretty ignorant and very overwhelmed when it came to figuring everything out but our account manager helped us every step of the way! Any time we had a problem he was quick with a response and a solution! In this day of rapidly declining levels of customer service it’s refreshing to feel valued as a customer again!

So thank you for helping to make our web based such a success! We’re looking forward to another great year and feel very confident that our business needs will be meet every step of the way!


J & J Orchard

I searched a long time to find a way to offer affordable shopping cart services to my web page clients and luckily I found a superior system! Most companies offered a good service, but it was expensive. Shopping Cart Gurus offered all the services I needed in one place, and with their excellent support & technicians, they made it as easy as it could have been!

Maria Carlson – Blue Sun Studios

Setting up a successful merchant web site can be an extremely frustrating experience, especially if you are learning as you go. After 8 months on the web, we decided to give our site a new look with an e-commerce shopping cart. During our search, Shopping Cart Gurus kept coming up. We searched and compared services for two weeks before deciding on the Shopping Cart Gurus solution. Their very capable staff guided us through every step. Thanks to their efforts we have a new shopping cart system that includes everything we wanted! Our business increased from day one and equally important, our profitability increased 20% due to the decrease in fees. To say that we are pleased is an understatement! Their professionalism, patience and understanding is extraordinary. We are looking at adding two or three web sites and anticipate using their services completely, after all where else can you find an organization that can provide you the complete turn-key solutions Shopping Cart Gurus can?

Steve Henline, President Bio-T Herbals

We have 4 accounts with you now. Great service, that’s why we keep coming back!

Denise-TM Company

Thanks once again for your prompt response.

In the seven years we have been working with your company, we have had a few bumps in the road but they have always been taken care of, and taken care of quickly. You have always been a great to work with and you can use us as a reference anytime.

Thanks again,

K Terhune

Awesome, simply fantastic. We love it. You guys did a great job. I can’t say enough. You’ve really helped us to simplify our shopping cart and the whole site really. I ran through all links and pages. It loads up faster than it did before. I am recommending everyone I know who has a web site to look at ours to see how easy it is to use the shopping cart.


Monty Apple-Honey Bee Therapy

After several years looking for a good shopping cart application, I can finally say that I’ve found a reliable source that I’m very pleased with. I’ve tried other companies that insist that you build the cart online, but Shopping Cart Gurus is different. They have certainly made my life easier as a web developer.


Knowing I can design my websites as I wish, and easily copy the html coding into each product, has been wonderful and amazingly fast. Also finding a company that is quick to respond to my questions and my set-up time frames has also been very rewarding. They have always been prompt in set-ups and available to answer questions. The price is also very reasonable. I would recommend this system to anyone!

Barbara C. Taden- President-WebFoot Designs, Inc.

I am a webmaster who found Shopping Cart Gurus while searching the internet for a site to host an online store. The idea of a secure shopping cart on my catalog page was much more desirable. The services offered by Shopping Cart Gurus seemed almost too good to be true, but I sent an e-mail asking for clarification and information anyway. They responded to my e-mail with a phone call within 5-minutes. A short time after our conversation I signed my client up for the service. I have had no regrets or unpleasant surprises. I have had opportunities to request additional help from customer service and have always received helpful courteous responses in a timely manner. The staff that I have dealt with are willing and able to communicate with me at any technical level. I would recommend Shopping Cart Gurus to anyone, and I plan to bring my other clients here as well.


Thank you Shopping Cart Gurus for the positive experience. I look forward to future business with you.

Tom F.-Webmaster